Please see below a list of questions that we often get asked.
If you can’t find the answer to your question please contact us.

  • Do solar panels need cleaning and how often?

    While normal dust and grime can wash off solar panels with enough incline, this can build up over time and reduce efficiency which costs you money. Bird dropping and leaves are the biggest issue when it comes to solar panels and these can quickly build up. According to Royal Flush Facilities Management you could be leaving 35% more energy on the table if you don’t clean your panels in just 2 years.

    Therefore we recommend a clean once a year for most customers. Certain panels and location may need more regular cleaning.

  • What is included with your residential window cleaning?

    Our standard window cleaning package includes the glass and basic frame and sill cleaning. If you would like us to include the fly screens or a more thorough track and frame cleaning, please speak to us during the quoting process and we will include it in your price.

  • Do you accept credit or debit cards?

    Unfortunately at this time we do not have card facilities. We do however accept cash or cheque and our preferred payment method is always a bank transfer or PayID. All payment information is listed on your invoice.

    *If you would like us to accept cards in the future please let us know your thoughts.

  • How often should I get my windows cleaned?

    It’s up to you and your situation. For shops and commercial cleaning we recommend either a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly clean depending on your location and customer traffic. The type of business you run usually has the biggest effect on this. For our residential customers we generally recommend a 6 monthly clean to keep on top of it. However many of our customers prefer to clean their house more regularly and others prefer either to book in once a year or prefer to just call when things start to get a bit dirty.

    *Note that a more regularly clean will maintain the glass and reduce the risk of severe hard water damage. A more regularly clean will also cost less as we will have less work to remove the stubborn dirt thats baked on for many years.

  • Do you clean houses?

    Of course! In fact we specialise in houses of all sorts of shapes and sizes. From small one bedroom units to houses with many, MANY rooms, we haven’t had a house we couldn’t clean thus far but if you think you’d like to challenge us then please give us a call.

  • How much does it cost to clean my house?

    We know that all houses are different so we generally don’t give a set price. We prefer to visit your house and give you a personalised quote. This gets you the best price, but most importantly the best quality service.

  • Still have a few questions?
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